KO Beast Century Songs Lyrics

KO Beast Century Songs Lyrics


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KO Beast Century Songs
KO Beast Century Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:KO Beast Century


Released on year:2010

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Fumizuki Academy defies the ordinary realm of Japanese high schools. Distinguished by its exceptional structure, this institution has daringly implemented a groundbreaking system to categorize its students. Upon completion of their inaugural year, students undergo a revolutionary examination that segregates the entire student body. The crème de la crème secure coveted positions in A class, while the rungs descend until F class, representing the underprivileged and disheartened souls at the absolute bottom. In a twist of fate, Akihisa Yoshii finds himself stranded amidst the abyss of F class. Despite his proclaimed intellectual prowess, it seems his abilities were insufficient to pass muster on this formidable test. Consequently, Yoshii finds himself victim to the dismal conditions that plague F class, where tattered tatami mats and dilapidated desks are the least of their worries. A decrepit learning environment, obsolete equipment, and weary furnishings only compound their woes. Yet, amidst this gloomy atmosphere, Yuuji Sakamoto, one of Yoshii's closest companions, stands tall as a fellow denizen of F class. To everyone's astonishment, the brilliant Mizuki Himeji also takes refuge in their class, forced to join their ranks due to an unforeseen fever on the day of the examination. Fuelled by dissatisfaction and an unwavering sense of unity, F class rallies around Yuuji, steadfast in their pursuit to challenge and overtake the higher echelons of their academic hierarchy. Their weapon of choice? The school's ingenious Examinations Summon Battle system, a platform where participants can summon enchanting avatars of power and prowess, mirroring the very essence of their test scores. With all the vigor and fervor of an all-out war, F class braces itself for the battle that will determine their destiny. Will they ascend to the pinnacle of success, defying the prejudice that surrounds them, or will they falter and succumb to society's expectations, consigned to eternal failure? The answer lies at the crossroads of camaraderie and tenacity as F class prepares to wage a fierce campaign for triumph.