Konohana Kitan Songs Lyrics

Konohana Kitan Songs Lyrics


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Konohana Kitan Songs
Konohana Kitan Opening Lyrics このはな綺譚 Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Konohana Kitan

Also Called:このはな綺譚


Released on year:2011

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:11


In the lively realm of ethereal spirits, Yuzu, an exuberant fox girl, embarks on her maiden voyage as an attendant at the esteemed and time-honored Konohanatei hot springs inn. Despite her lack of prior experience in such a distinguished establishment, Kiri, the amiable and dependable head attendant, promptly sets her on a path of acquiring the essential skills. Powered by unbounded enthusiasm, Yuzu's initial zealousness proves more of a hindrance than a boon. Nonetheless, her playful nature imparts an enchanting allure to the inn, endearing both customers and colleagues alike, who swiftly warm up to her endearingly clumsy yet well-intentioned mishaps. Under the sage guidance of her fellow foxes—Satsuki, the unwavering paragon of perfection; Natsume, the blissful embodiment of carefree abandon; Ren, the discerning harbinger of critique; and Sakura, the tranquil wellspring of serenity—Yuzu gradually masters the art of innkeeping, while simultaneously discovering profound affection for the mystical realm that envelops her. Konohana Kitan weaves a heartwarming chorus chronicling the emergence of profound connections as a spirited fox girl navigates the boundless realm of magical beings, ultimately forging her own place of belonging within the ethereal, picturesque landscape.