Koro Sensei Quest! Songs Lyrics

Koro Teacher Quest 2016 | 殺せんせーQ[クエスト]!
Koro Sensei Quest! Songs Lyrics


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Koro Sensei Quest! Songs
Koro Sensei Quest! Opening Lyrics Koro Teacher Quest 2016 | 殺せんせーQ[クエスト]! Opening Lyrics
Koro Sensei Quest! Ending Lyrics Koro Teacher Quest 2016 | 殺せんせーQ[クエスト]! Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Koro Sensei Quest!

Also Called:Koro Teacher Quest 2016 | 殺せんせーQ[クエスト]!


Released on year:2017

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In the mystical realm of Kunugigaoka Magic School, a remarkable and audacious mission awaits the students of class 3-E. Their extraordinary task: to vanquish none other than their homeroom teacher, the fearsome Demon King Koro-sensei. Determined to increase their odds of success, the class embarks on a quest to recruit the most formidable warriors imaginable—the indomitable Karma Akabane, the enigmatic Itona Horibe, and the remarkable Ritsu—all of whom valiantly join their ranks. Yet, as they dive deeper into their expedition, they quickly realize that they are not the sole contenders in pursuit of the Demon King's demise. Prepare to be enthralled by the whimsical chronicles of Koro-sensei Quest! Here, the intrepid Nagisa Shiota and his resolute classmates are transformed into diminutive magical students, under the tutelage of their very own quarry. Together, they traverse a labyrinth of entertaining and treacherous encounters, as they venture forth on their perilous mission to conquer the all-powerful Demon King. Brace yourself for a hilarious and enchanting journey unlike any other.