Kotetsu Zieg Songs Lyrics

Koutetsu Jeeg | Kotetsu Jeeg
Kotetsu Zieg Songs Lyrics


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Kotetsu Zieg Songs
Kotetsu Zieg Opening Lyrics Koutetsu Jeeg | Kotetsu Jeeg Opening Lyrics
Kotetsu Zieg Ending Lyrics Koutetsu Jeeg | Kotetsu Jeeg Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Kotetsu Zieg

Also Called:Koutetsu Jeeg | Kotetsu Jeeg


Released on year:2021

Released in:Spring


In the realm of infernal bureaucracy, a dark and enigmatic figure known as Hoozuki reigns supreme as the epitome of demonic efficiency. As the chief deputy to Lord Enma, the esteemed King of Hell, Hoozuki operates with unparalleled finesse, managing the intricate workings of the netherworld with utmost precision. Whether adeptly providing sage advice to the legendary Momotarou of Japanese folklore or deftly handling diplomatic missions from the depths of Judeo-Christian Hell, this formidable demon thrives on overcoming any challenge that dare cross his path. Considered a virtuoso of the art of negotiation, Hoozuki is unquestionably the poster boy for micromanagement, possessing astute business acumen that rivals even the shrewdest of Wall Street moguls. In the satirical abyss that is Hoozuki no Reitetsu, the day-to-day affairs of hell itself become a captivating spectacle. Familiar faces from renowned Japanese legends and ancient East Asian mythology assume middle management roles, injecting a delightful sense of relevancy and anachronism into this dark comedy. Brace yourself for a world where "employer liability" takes on an entirely new meaning as Hoozuki tackles the challenges of managing a workforce that is decidedly hellish in nature.