Kowabon Songs Lyrics

Kowabon Songs Lyrics


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Kowabon Songs
Kowabon Ending Lyrics こわぼん Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:こわぼん


Released on year:1996

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:94


In the fast-paced world we live in today, where technological marvels surround us, the realm of the mysterious and the inexplicable can be more bone-chilling than ever. Despite the tremendous strides our society has taken, the fear of the unknown persists, lurking in the shadows of our consciousness. Enter the hapless individuals of Kowabon, thrust into a harrowing gauntlet of terror woven into the very fabric of their everyday technology. Whether it's an unsettling apparition captured on a surveillance camera or a seemingly harmless video chat that takes a sinister turn, these unwitting victims find themselves entangled in a desperate struggle to free themselves from the clutches of the otherworldly. Little do they know, however, that the destiny that awaits them may be far more grim than a mere brush with death...