KURAU Phantom Memory Songs Lyrics

クラウ ファントムメモリー
KURAU Phantom Memory Songs Lyrics


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KURAU Phantom Memory Songs
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Anime Information

Title:KURAU Phantom Memory

Also Called:クラウ ファントムメモリー


Released on year:2000

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the vast expanse of the year 2100, where the Moon stands as a thriving colony, an exceptional venture unravels, poised to revolutionize the world of energy. Amidst this groundbreaking project, young Amami Kurau finds herself standing by her esteemed father, the chief scientist, as they delve into uncharted frontiers. Little does she know that her 12th birthday will mark a turning point in her existence. An unforeseen incident unleashes a cataclysmic surge of twin illuminations, bringing forth a breathtaking transformation. In the aftermath, her father's heart sinks as he realizes that his cherished daughter is now an ethereal vessel, imbued with the extraordinary essence of not one, but two all-encompassing energy entities, wielding unimaginable powers.