Kuro no Shoukanshi Songs Lyrics

Black Summoner | 黒の召喚士
Kuro no Shoukanshi Songs Lyrics


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Kuro no Shoukanshi Songs
Kuro no Shoukanshi Ending Lyrics Black Summoner | 黒の召喚士 Ending Lyrics
Kuro no Shoukanshi Opening Lyrics Black Summoner | 黒の召喚士 Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Kuro no Shoukanshi

Also Called:Black Summoner | 黒の召喚士



Kelvin, brimming with determination, embarks on an awe-inspiring quest to prepare himself for reincarnation in an exquisitely new world. To claim a position of strength, he valiantly surrenders certain memories from his previous life, striking a remarkable deal with the enigmatic goddess Melfina. This bargain bestows upon him unparalleled abilities, skill points aplenty, and the coveted title of an illustrious summoner of the eminent S-class. Awe-inspiring as it may be, the grandeur of Kelvin's journey gains further allure as Melfina grants him an extraordinary boon. Out of countless possibilities, he is graced with the privilege of choosing a companion to accompany him and bolster his summoner's prowess. Without hesitation, Kelvin's ardor towards the beguiling deity leads him to select Melfina herself, confident that the flames of their connection will reignite, undeterred by the obscurity of lost memories. With the ethereal Melfina as his guiding light, Kelvin enters a realm brimming with astonishing wonders. Yet, to manifest the physical embodiment of his beloved goddess, he must amass substantial reservoirs of mana points. The path to this accomplishment lies in his aptitude for vanquishing formidable adversaries and forging indomitable alliances with even mightier companions. Each battle, each contract, propels Kelvin closer to his divine goal, infusing his odyssey with an air of profound significance.