Kurogane Communication Songs Lyrics

Kurogane Communication Songs Lyrics


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Kurogane Communication Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kurogane Communication


Released on year:2021

Released in:Fall


Amidst the ruins of a cataclysmic conflict, Haruka emerges as the lone survivor in a desolate Earth. But she is not truly alone; a remarkable group of advanced robots remains by her side, filling the void left by humanity's demise. Each android possesses unique qualities: Spike, a tender-hearted companion deeply attached to Haruka; Trigger, a fiery-tempered entity armed to the teeth; Cleric, the dependable problem-solver with unmatched intellect; Reeves, whose intimidating visage belies a compassionate soul; and Angela, a reclusive sword-wielder harboring a distrust of humankind. Together, they inhabit a towering citadel at the heart of the city, where Haruka's existence finds sanctuary and peace within her mechanical family. However, tranquility proves elusive in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Scarce resources strain their survival, while remnants of the war, volatile robotic remnants, roam freely, posing a constant threat to any they encounter. Kurogane Communication unflinchingly chronicles Haruka's extraordinary struggle to endure and navigate the perils of her dystopian world. Brace yourself for a riveting odyssey as she confronts countless challenges that test the very core of her existence amidst the ravaged remnants of our once flourishing civilization.