Kyousougiga Songs Lyrics

Kyousougiga Songs Lyrics


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Kyousougiga Songs
Kyousougiga Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information



Released on year:2014

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:10


Once upon a time, a wise monk by the name of Myoue possessed an extraordinary talent. He possessed the ability to breathe life into his drawings, creating a world of imagination like no other. In his humble abode, he lived harmoniously with his beloved wife, Koto, who curiously took the form of a black rabbit in human guise. Together, they nurtured their three remarkable children: Yakushimaru, Kurama, and Yase. However, serenity soon gave way to a turbulent twist of fate. The influential high priest of their land, consumed by apprehension, declared that Myoue’s creations caused more troubles than joy for the local inhabitants. As a result, the distraught family was forced to find an elusive resolution to salvage their tranquility. They chose to elude their pursuers by escaping into an extraordinary alternate realm, aptly named the Looking Glass City—a realm crafted and conceived solely by Myoue's boundless imagination. In the newfound refuge, peace prevailed for a while. But alas! All harmony was ephemeral, as both Myoue and Koto abruptly vanished into thin air, leaving their children in a perplexing predicament. Now abandoned, Yakushimaru, the eldest, found himself burdened with the weighty responsibilities and monumental legacy of his father. But the challenges mounted further when a young girl, also bearing the name Koto, literally plummeted from the heavens and boldly announced her quest to locate the missing Myoue and Koto. Armed with an imposing hammer and accompanied by two wild and eccentric companions, this enigmatic Koto may just hold the very key to liberating everyone from the shackles of the eternal paper city.