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Little Mermaid (Japanese Version) Lyrics
Title: Little Mermaid (Japanese Version)
Released on year:2003
Released in:Fall
Num Episodes:13


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According to legend, eating the flesh of a mermaid can grant immortality. Yuta unknowingly ate a piece of mermaid flesh 500 years ago. For centuries, he has traveled across Japan in search of a mermaid who might be able to transform him back into a normal human. When he finally locates one, he discovers that she and her companions have been raising a girl to serve as their food, allowing them to consume her and assume her youthful appearance. That is how mermaids maintain their youth. Yuta kills the mermaids and saves her, but not before devouring some of the mermaid's flesh.

Yuta isn't too disappointed despite having to kill the mermaids. Yuta's lonely existence is over now that he has found a friend in Mana. And Mana, who has spent her entire life cooped up in a small hut, finds joy in the simplest of things. Yuta and Mana join forces to find more mermaids in order to reclaim their humanity.
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This is a list of adaptations of The Little Mermaid. Only direct adaptations of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Little Mermaid are allowed.
E. S. Hardy's illustration of The Little Mermaid from the mid-nineteenth century.

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