Macross Frontier Ending (EP25) Lyrics Macross Frontier - TRIANGLER (fight on stage) Lyrics

TRIANGLER (fight on stage) Lyrics


kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru
watashi soretomo watashi
kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru
hoshi wo meguru yo junjou

yowamushi nakimushi tsurete
mada ikun da to omou watashi
aisuru yori motomeru yori
utagau hou ga zutto tayasui jibun ga

itai yo
mikata dakedo aishitenai toka
mamoru dakedo soba ni irenai toka
nigai niritsuhaihan
imasugu tacchimi-
unmei naraba tsunagasete

kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru
watashi soretomo watashi
kokoro yurasu kotoba yori
musekinin ni daite genkai

mousou wo sabaku okite
ushiro kara keriagetara
mukidashi no koi ni yoroketa
kokyuu dake de seiippai
mukae ni kite oboreteru kara

itai yo
maemuki na uso ma ni ukeru nowa
waratteru koe segamenai kara
mirai moteamashita
imasugu hold me
risei nante oshitaoshite

kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru
watashi soretomo watashi
namida marude yakutatazu
hoshi wo kakeru yo junjou

kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru

kimi wa dare to kisu wo suru
watashi soretomo watashi
tatta hitotsu inochi wo tate ni
ima furikazasu kanshou


Who will you kiss?
Is it me? Or is it me?
Who will you kiss?
Orbit the stars, my pure feelings.

Together with my weak and crybaby
I think I'll continue walking on.
I seldom love, and I seldom wish,
I often choose to doubt, and for that I
hate myself.

It hurts.
Like how we are friends but you don't
love me,
Or how I can't be with people I'm
Those bitter contradictions.
Touch me now.
If it's fate, then let me be with you.

Who will you kiss?
Is it me? Or is it me?
More than your seductive words,
Your irresponsibility engulfs me, and I'm
at my limit.

The laws that govern my fantasies,
When I gave them a kick from the back,
I tripped and fell over the passion
Breathing alone takes up all my strength.
Come for me, I am drowning.

It hurts.
Taking an optimistic lie for the truth
For there isn't a taunting voice egging
me on,
The future has become too much for me to
Hold me now.
Overcome your rationality.

Who will you kiss?
Is it me? Or is it me?
These tears are close to worthless,
Chase the stars, my pure feelings.

Who will you kiss?

Who will you kiss?
Is it me? Or is it me?
I use my one and only life as my shield,
And now I brandish my painful


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Macross Frontier Ending (EP25) Lyrics - Information

Title: TRIANGLER (fight on stage)
Anime: Macross Frontier
Type of Song:Ending
Appears in:Ending (EP25)

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Since a devastating battle against a giant race known as the Zentradi, mankind has fled to the galaxy center on board a colonial starship fleet called the Macross Frontier. Life on Macross Frontier is continuing as normal as the extraterrestrial threat appears to be left behind.A young mecha pilot trainee named Alto Saotome and his colleagues are preparing to perform an accompanying routine in the year 2059 for the popular singer Sheryl Nome, who has come for a concert to Macross Frontier.
A biomechanical alien species known as the Vajra make a sudden appearance during the set, smashing through the vessel's protective perimeter and crashing near the concert venue, plunging the entire city into chaos.

A young girl named Ranka Lee is left behind as the concertgoers flee and gets attacked by the Vajra, but Alto saves her at the last minute.After these incidents, Alto's expertise in combat is recognized by the Strategic Military Services system, resulting in his recruitment to fight the latest alien threat..

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Macross Frontier ( マクロスF (フロンティア ), Makurosu Furontia) is a Japanese animated space science fiction drama that aired on MBS in Japan from 4 April 2008 to 26 September 2008. It is the third anime Japanese TV series set in the Macross universe.
Macross Frontier is the tale of a group of human space colonies seeking to find a habitable planet near the Milky Way centre. The plot centers on three young adults ( a famed pop singer, a private military pilot, and a rising pop singer ) and the things unfolding around them as the fleet faces an alien-origin crisis.

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