Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Songs Lyrics

魔道祖師 完結編
Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Songs Lyrics


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Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Songs
Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Opening Lyrics 魔道祖師 完結編 Opening Lyrics
Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen Ending Lyrics 魔道祖師 完結編 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Madou Soshi Kanketsu hen

Also Called:魔道祖師 完結編


Released on year:1988

Num Episodes:1


The residents of Maison Ikkoku hosted a grand soiree to commemorate the joyous union of Yuusaku and Kyouko. Amidst the festivities, a bittersweet whisper reached Yuusaku's ears - a letter awaited Kyouko. Consumed by an envious turmoil, he found himself grappling with doubts, fearing that Kyouko's heart still harbored affection for another. As the dawn broke, the truth behind his restless misgivings unfurled, unfurling an answer that would quell his troubled soul.