Mars Red Songs Lyrics

Mars Red Songs Lyrics


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Mars Red Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Mars Red


Released on year:1981

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:64


In the tumultuous year of 1923, the city of Tokyo becomes ensnared in a nightmarish vampire uprising. The illicit trafficking of "Ascra," a sinister artificial blood substitute, unleashes a relentless surge in the vampire population. In response, the enigmatic Lieutenant General Sounosuke Nakajima takes charge, orchestrating the formation of an extraordinary covert unit dedicated to combatting this unholy menace: Code Zero. At the helm of this remarkable squadron stands Colonel Yoshinobu Maeda, tasked with the herculean mission of not only uncovering the elusive source of the Ascra trade but also capturing and exterminating the insidious vampires plaguing the city. With mounting pressure and criticism threatening to disband the unit, Colonel Maeda must deliver tangible results amidst the chaos. To further complicate matters, the vampires within the team wrestle with their newly acquired supernatural powers and their rapidly fading humanity. As the world rallies against them, the members of Code Zero find themselves in a perilous struggle against both external threats and the demons dwelling within their own souls. Together, this courageous band of vampire slayers must navigate a treacherous path, striving to curb the crisis before succumbing to their own primordial instincts. Will they emerge victorious in their battle against darkness, or will they be consumed by the very forces they seek to defeat? Only time will reveal the fate of Code Zero and the future of Tokyo itself.


Mars Red draws its inspiration from the captivating and profoundly moving 2013 dramatic stage reading penned by the renowned Bunoh Fujisawa, who also happens to be the brilliant sound director behind this remarkable anime adaptation.