Mecha-ude Songs Lyrics

Mechanical Arms | メカウデ
Mecha-ude Songs Lyrics


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Mecha-ude Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:Mechanical Arms | メカウデ


Released on year:2018

Num Episodes:1


In a bygone era, extraordinary extraterrestrial beings descended upon the Earth, merging seamlessly with the indigenous human population. These enigmatic entities, christened as "Mecha-ude," possessed a striking resemblance to marvelously mechanized limbs when united with their human hosts. Committed to an involuntary partnership, the unassuming Hikaru Amatsuga, a typical middle-schooler, finds himself inextricably bound to the extraordinary Mecha-ude, Arma – itself an exceptionally rare and extraordinary being. Tasked with safeguarding Arma's existence, the rebellion forces of ARMS enlist the aid of Aki Murasame, an accomplished wielder of dual Mecha-ude, to be Hikaru's unwavering guardian. However, Aki has an ulterior motive: to locate a mysterious Snake-Type Mecha-ude user, who has left countless comrades in a perilous state. Behind the veiled curtains, a secretive organization, known only as the Kagami Group, relentlessly pursues the fabled "Trigger Arm" – an elusive Mecha-ude rumored to grant boundless power. When Aki's life hangs precariously in the balance at the hands of this formidable faction, Hikaru and Arma must summon their courage to challenge the status quo. Together, they embark on a transformative journey, where the ordinary giving way to the extraordinary becomes an undeniable reality. Brace yourself, for life shall never be mundane again.


Mecha-ude made its magnificent debut on the exclusive Vimeo streaming platform, showcasing its awe-inspiring wonders to an eagerly awaiting audience of loyal supporters. This groundbreaking anime creation was then gracefully dispatched to its avid fans in October 2018, leaving them astounded and craving for more.