Micchiri Neko Songs Lyrics

MitchiriNeko | みっちりねこ
Micchiri Neko Songs Lyrics


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Micchiri Neko Songs

Anime Information

Title:Micchiri Neko

Also Called:MitchiriNeko | みっちりねこ


Released on year:2020

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:24


Introducing the enchanting and enigmatic creatures known as Mitchiri Neko, renowned for their captivating cat-like appearance and irresistibly adorable nature. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into their captivating world as they gracefully unite when left to roam freely. Brace yourself for an anime experience like no other, featuring an extraordinary voice cast that truly brings these charming beings to life. Delight in the frolicsome and carefree escapades of the Mitchiri Neko as they navigate their quotidien existence, brimming with fluffy encounters and moments of surreal hilarity. Join us in celebrating their whimsical allure by chanting together, "Mitchiri! Mitchiri!"- an anthem that captures the very essence of their unique and captivating charm.