Mikan Enniki Songs Lyrics

Mikan Enniki Songs Lyrics


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Mikan Enniki Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Mikan Enniki


Released on year:2012

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Aika, a remarkable and agile high school girl, possesses a sharp intellect and impressive athletic prowess. Her exceptional competence leads to the triumphant acquisition of a C-class salvager's license. However, her youthful exuberance and spirited nature often result in her being regarded as a mere child by individuals like Gota. Consequently, Aika encounters great difficulty in securing salvaging assignments, despite holding a prestigious license. Determined to prove her worth and capitalize on her hard-earned credentials, she decides to advertise her services at her school. In a stroke of fortune, her endeavors capture the attention of Erika, an affluent young woman hailing from a prominent family and leading the treasure hunting club. Erika beseeches Aika to embark on a perilous underwater expedition, to which Aika willingly agrees, brimming with eagerness. However, as Aika catches a glimpse of the state-of-the-art submarine, elegantly stationed aboard Erika's extravagant private cruiser, and learns of their ultimate destination, a chilling realization strikes her like a bolt of lightning. Confronted with a formidable group of high school girls awaiting them in the sun-kissed southern isles, Aika must grapple with the daunting task that lies ahead. In the midst of these trials, a mysterious figure emerges - Karen, an enigmatic girl whose true intentions remain shrouded in secrecy. And so, commences Aika's most formidable challenge yet, as she dives headfirst into an exhilarating voyage brimming with daring escapades and unforeseen perils.