Mind Game Songs Lyrics

Mind Game Songs Lyrics


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Mind Game Songs
Mind Game OVA Lyrics and other songs OVA Lyrics and other songs

Anime Information

Title:Mind Game


Released on year:2014

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


Nishi's heart races as he witnesses his high school sweetheart, Myon, miraculously make it onto the subway just as the doors close, only to have her ankle painfully caught in the process. This unfortunate event unexpectedly propels Nishi back into Myon's life. However, his joy is short-lived when he discovers that Myon, the love of his life, is now engaged to another man. Determined to reconnect, Nishi agrees to meet Myon, along with her fiancé, at her family's Yakitori restaurant. But fate takes a dark twist as Nishi finds himself caught in the midst of a terrifying Yakuza attack at the restaurant. In a valiant attempt to protect Myon, Nishi is tragically murdered by the ruthless thugs who disregard the value of human life. However, death is just the beginning for Nishi. Awakening in a surreal realm, he encounters a shape-shifting deity who taunts him for his untimely demise. Defying the god's directive to vanish into oblivion, Nishi boldly seizes the chance to defy his fate. With newfound determination and an inexplicable insight into the impending Yakuza assault, Nishi seizes control of his own destiny. Armed with a stolen car and accompanied by Myon and her sister, Nishi embarks on an exhilarating journey where life embraces uncertainty, regrets are left behind, and a mesmerizing visual landscape unfolds. Prepare to be captivated as celebrated director Masaaki Yuasa unleashes his debut masterpiece, "Mind Game." This extraordinary film transcends boundaries with its ever-shifting visuals and a profound narrative that invites you to contemplate the significance of a life lived to the fullest, unburdened by remorse.


The splendid film garnered great recognition, earning the esteemed Animation Division Grand Prize at the prestigious 2004 Japan Media Arts Festival. Moreover, it claimed the distinguished Oufuji Noburou Award at the esteemed 2005 Mainichi Film Awards. The film's brilliance further shone as it clinched titles for Best Film, Best Director (in a delightful tie with Survive Style 5+), Best Script (also in an enchanting tie with Survive Style 5+), Special Award – Visual Accomplishment, and the much-coveted Audience Award for the Best Animation Film at the esteemed Fantasia Festival in Canada.