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Title: Mind Game
Released on year:2004


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Nishi is reconnecting with his high school sweetheart, Myon, after watching her hop on a subway at the last second and seeing her ankle crushed between the doors. Still very much in love with Myon, Nishi is shocked to hear that she's engaged with another man. Nishi agrees to meet Myon's fiancé in the Yakitori restaurant of her family, but Yakuza members storm the joint and kill Nishi when he attempts to stop them from raping Myon.Nishi, who is now dead, wakes up and encounters an ever-shaping god who mocks him for dying. The god asks Nishi to go through a portal and vanish from life, which Nishi refuses, instead opting to run past the god and recover.

With a new outlook on life and experience of how the Yakuza will attack him, Nishi kills one of the Yakuza with his own weapons, fleeing with Myon and her sister in a stolen car.Acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa's debut movie, Mind Game's constantly changing visuals tell a tale of living one's life without regrets which is unlike any other..

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