Mirai Songs Lyrics

Mirai no Mirai | Mirai of the Future | 未来のミライ
Mirai Songs Lyrics


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Mirai Songs
Mirai Ending Lyrics Mirai no Mirai | Mirai of the Future | 未来のミライ Ending Lyrics
Mirai Opening Lyrics Mirai no Mirai | Mirai of the Future | 未来のミライ Opening Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Mirai no Mirai | Mirai of the Future | 未来のミライ


Released on year:2011

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


In a serene corner of the bustling city, resides little Kun Oota, a privileged child who basks in the undivided attention of his doting parents and the faithful family companion, Yukko. However, Kun's idyllic existence is about to undergo a remarkable transformation with the arrival of his newborn sister, Mirai. Suddenly, Kun's world is upended, and the spotlight shifts from him to his precious sibling – a shift that brings forth a cascade of emotions. In order to aid Kun's adaptation to this seismic change, he embarks on an extraordinary expedition through time, encountering the past, present, and future versions of his very own kin. Along this captivating journey, he not only discovers the true essence of familial bonds but also unearths the profound meaning of being an elder brother.


The remarkable film garnered prestigious nominations at the esteemed 76th Golden Globe Awards, the distinguished 24th Critics' Choice Awards, and the revered 91st Academy Awards. Its nomination for Best Animated Feature Film not only exemplifies its distinction as the sixth anime film to be acknowledged but also marks it as the first non-Ghibli anime masterpiece to receive such acclaim from the Academy. Furthermore, the film's extraordinary achievements were recognized when it emerged victorious by securing the highly coveted Best Animated Feature - Independent accolade at the renowned 46th Annie Awards.