Miru Tights Songs Lyrics

Miru Tights Songs Lyrics


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Miru Tights Songs

Anime Information

Title:Miru Tights

Also Called:みるタイツ


Released on year:2014

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In the crispness of an April morning, when cherry blossoms gracefully descend amidst a gentle drizzle, three remarkable individuals embark upon a momentous journey. Homi Moegi, Ren Aikawa, and Yua Nakabeni, bound by not only their camaraderie but also fate, find themselves enrolled in the very same illustrious class as the new academic year commences. As this pivotal chapter unfurls, the bonds of friendship between these extraordinary souls grow stronger, woven intricately through shared laughter, profound joy, poignant sorrow, and the formidable trials that lie ahead—a testament to their unwavering resilience. And in the midst of it all, adorned with resplendent, shimmering nylon tights, they stand as beacons of indomitable spirit, illuminating the path they choose to tread.