Miss Bernard said. Songs Lyrics

Bernard-jou Iwaku. | バーナード嬢曰く。
Miss Bernard said. Songs Lyrics


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Miss Bernard said. Songs
Miss Bernard said. Ending Lyrics Bernard-jou Iwaku. | バーナード嬢曰く。 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Miss Bernard said.

Also Called:Bernard-jou Iwaku. | バーナード嬢曰く。


Released on year:2005

Num Episodes:52


Sawako Machida, also known as "Miss Bernard," can often be spotted in the school library, book in hand. However, whether or not she genuinely delves into those pages remains a mystery. She confesses that reading feels like an arduous task, choosing instead to project an illusion of being a devoted bookworm. Unfortunately, her blasé attitude towards reading greatly troubles the genuine literature enthusiasts who frequent the very same library. Within the confines of this literary haven, where peculiar book lovers gather, Sawako's pseudo-intellectual conversations about renowned literary works continue. As she traverses this charade, however, she unexpectedly finds herself imbibing knowledge and forming connections with fellow bibliophiles. Amidst the captivating world of books, Sawako embarks on a journey of personal growth, all while forging new friendships.