Mitsubachi Maaya no Bouken Songs Lyrics

Mitsubachi Maaya no Bouken Songs Lyrics


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Mitsubachi Maaya no Bouken Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Mitsubachi Maaya no Bouken


Released on year:1982

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:52


Maya, a young and curious honeybee, brims with an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the vast world that surrounds her. Ever since her birth, she has been groomed for a life as a diligent worker bee. However, Maya finds it remarkably challenging to conform to the stringent rules of the hive due to her vibrant individuality and unwavering desire for independence. Filled with a burning ambition to gather more honey for her beloved hive, Maya embarks on an extraordinary adventure in search of a magnificent garden bursting with vibrant flowers. Her intentions are undoubtedly noble, yet her unapproved departure prompts the Queen to dispatch Maya's loyal friend, Willy, on a quest to locate the daring young bee. United in their mission, Maya and Willy journey beyond the confines of their familiar hive, entranced by the breathtaking wonders that nature so generously bestows upon them. Through an array of captivating encounters with a diverse spectrum of insects, Maya embarks on a transformative journey. Each experience, some delightful and others heart-wrenching, serves as a catalyst for Maya's personal growth, molding her into a resilient and insightful honeybee, equipped with wisdom beyond her tender age.


The anime series took inspiration from the beloved German children's book, Maya the Bee, which first captivated readers in 1912. The enchanting adventures of Maya come to life in Mitsubachi Maya no Bouken, a delightful animated masterpiece. Notably, the series was not only adapted for British audiences with British voice actors, but also for the United States with talented Canadian voice actors. Dive into the magical world of Maya as she embarks on thrilling escapades that will leave you spellbound.