Mitsudomoe Songs Lyrics

Mitsudomoe Songs Lyrics


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Mitsudomoe Songs

Anime Information



Released on year:2011

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:8


The Marui triplets, aged just eleven, are an extraordinary trio with strikingly distinct personalities. Starting with Mitsuba, the eldest, she exudes an air of maturity beyond her years but retains a mischievous sadistic streak. Futaba, on the other hand, possesses a rare blend of athleticism and risqué humor that eclipses her age, imbuing her with the strength and stamina of a grown man. Lastly, the youngest member of this unique trio, Hitoha, typically exudes a gentle and unassuming demeanor. Yet, when circumstances demand it, she reveals a surprising strength that rivals her siblings, coupled with an unexpected penchant for the perverse and sadistic. Interestingly, all three siblings share the same class, led by the freshly graduated teacher, Satoshi Yabe. While he may be an authority figure, Satoshi often finds himself at the mercy of the triplets' whims, subjected to their mischief and occasionally even abused. Nevertheless, underneath their mischievous antics, the triplets also harbor a desire to unite Satoshi with the new school nurse, the clumsily endearing Aiko Kuriyama. However, Satoshi has decidedly different intentions and harbors no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Aiko. Undeterred, the triplets employ unorthodox and creative methods in their relentless quest to bring Satoshi and Aiko together. Witness their unyielding determination as the boundaries of conventional matchmaking are pushed to their limits, all while navigating the intricate dynamics of their mischievous trio.


A highly anticipated event took place on June 20, 2010, when an exclusive preview screening of the first two episodes mesmerized a select audience in Tokyo. The official broadcast was eagerly awaited, and finally commenced on July 3, 2010.