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Summer Holidays Lyrics

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Mou sugu hairu natsuyasumi
watashi wo sasotte hoshii no
Anata wa saki ni School Days
sotsugyou shite yuku hito

Todoita kashira Love Letter
henji wo matte iru no
Ochitsuki no nai mainichi
PLAN dake sakibashiri

SUMMER HOLIDAY Sugoshitai na
anata to natsuyasumi
SUMMER HOLIDAY Sugoshitai na
shiroi BOAT oki ni dashite
sono mama nagasaretemo ii

Kagami no mae de tsukete miru
katta bakari no mizugi
Nami ni nuretara bimyō ni
iro ga kawaru hazu yo

Natsu no sakari no machikado de
gūzen mita futaritsure
tanoshisō ni warau anata

kanashii natsuyasumi
namida gunde nijimu keshiki
machitsukareta dake no kisetsu

kanashii natsuyasumi
shiroi mama no hada wo mitsume
otonabide yuku no watashi
Otonabide yuku no watashi


I want you to invite me
in this already started summer holidays
You, in your late School Days
were already a graduate

Would my love letter have arrived?
Should I wait for an answer?
I cannot keep my cool everyday
getting plans too ahead

Summer Holiday I want to spend
Summer Holidays with you
Summer Holiday I want to spend it
leaving for open sea in a white boat
How nice it would be to drift this way...

In front of the mirror I try out
my just bought swimsuit
If wet by the waves it,
it should change colour slightly

In the peak of summer, by the street
by chance I saw a couple
Laughing happily, you
made a lovely couple with your girlfriend.

Summer Holiday Already over
this sorrowful summer holidays
Summer Holiday Already over
this season that just run me down
rolling tears ruined my make-up

Summer Holiday Already over
this sorrowful summer holidays
Summer Holiday Already over
while I look at my skin still white
I am growing up to adulthood
I am growing up to adulthood


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Miyuki Summer Holidays Lyrics - Information

Title:Summer Holidays


Type of Song:Ending

Appears in:2nd Ending

Performed by:Michiko Kawai

Arranged by:Masaru Hoshi

Lyrics by:Tsutzuru Nakazato

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Summer Holidays Lyrics - Miyuki
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Wakamatsu Masato finds himself sharing a home with his step-sister, Miyuki, a captivating young woman with whom he shares no blood ties. With their father constantly away on overseas business, the siblings have grown accustomed to a life of independence in bustling Tokyo. Miyuki, adorned with both beauty and charm, effortlessly captivates the hearts of those around her, including Masato. Meanwhile, Masato enjoys a blossoming romance with his school girlfriend, the lovely and gentle Kajima Miyuki, who epitomizes the ideal dream girl for any high school boy.

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