Mokke Songs Lyrics

Mokke Songs Lyrics


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Mokke Songs
Mokke Opening Lyrics Opening Lyrics

Anime Information



Released on year:1972

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:52


In the enchanting tale unfolds the extraordinary journey of two sisters – Shizuru and Mizuki. While Shizuru, a diligent high school scholar, possesses the unique ability to behold ethereal beings, poor Mizuki finds herself tormented by these spectral presences. Frustrated by the inexplicable anomalies, their desperate parents make a decision of great significance: to entrust the welfare of their beloved daughters to their wise and nurturing grandparents residing in the serene countryside. Amidst the tranquil embrace of rural life, Shizuru and Mizuki embark upon a remarkable path, one filled with awe-inspiring revelations. As they navigate the realm where spirits intertwine with reality, harmony with nature becomes their paramount discovery. Witness the exquisite alchemy of coexistence as this captivating narrative unveils the profound bonds forged between humans and their spectral counterparts.