Monster Strike Songs Lyrics

Monster Strike The Animation | モンスターストライク
Monster Strike Songs Lyrics


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Monster Strike Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Monster Strike

Also Called:Monster Strike The Animation | モンスターストライク


Released on year:2012

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:13


Returning to his hometown of Kaminohara, Ren Homura's memory remains clouded, unable to fully recall the experiences he had there. However, destiny intervenes when he retrieves his repaired cell phone and discovers an enigmatic game called "Monster Strike" mysteriously installed on the device. Intrigued and oblivious to its purpose or origin, Ren decides to delve into the unknown, unknowingly stepping into a world where his life will be forever transformed. As Ren innocently opens the game, the fabric of reality unravels before him, catapulting him into a perilous predicament. Perched atop his school's rooftop, an unexpected stage now, Ren finds himself confronted by a mysterious assailant who possesses the ability to manifest fearsome creatures from the game itself. These formidable beasts pose a genuine threat to humanity. In this dire moment, clutching on to hope, Ren desperately summons the mighty dragon Oragon, bestowed upon him by fate. Yet, to his dismay, he is greeted by a minuscule, seemingly insignificant dragon. Oragon, lacking in the power Ren had anticipated, leaves him questioning his chances of survival in this treacherous battle for his life.