Mori no Yousei: Kinoko no Musume Songs Lyrics

森の妖精 キノコの娘
Mori no Yousei: Kinoko no Musume Songs Lyrics


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Mori no Yousei: Kinoko no Musume Songs

Anime Information

Title:Mori no Yousei: Kinoko no Musume

Also Called:森の妖精 キノコの娘



Japan, a nation steeped in rich history and flourishing with enchantment, has rightfully earned the title of the Anime Kingdom. However, this realm is not limited to mere humans; it is also home to the existence of captivating animes. Beyond the threshold of the Fairy Ring, lies a mesmerizing world inhabited by charming anime-chans. These ethereal beings reside not only in distant lands, but also in your very own town. Yes, they can be found here, there, and even amidst the lively streets of Harajuku. Perhaps, if fate permits, we may stumble upon the gateway that leads to their extraordinary realm. And within that realm, we shall have the extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with these delightful anime-chans. Embrace the wondrous realm where the meeting of human and anime becomes a reality.


Introducing an enchanting collection of short episodes, portraying adorable super-deformed characters! This delightful series debuted alongside the popular Anime-chan ni Kaeru Kuni television variety program, exclusively on Japan's Tokyo MX1 channel. Prepare to immerse yourself in a fascinating realm as we proudly present a captivating 3D CG anime venture, breathing life into the mesmerizing world of Oso-teki Kinoko Gijinka Zukan (oso's Kinoko Personification Pictorial Book). This whimsical picture book ingeniously envisions various mushroom species as charming girls, promising a truly unique and delightful viewing experience for all. Brace yourself for a journey into the mystical realm of Forest Fairies: Mushroom Girls, set to grace the screens in 2017. Our esteemed cast of characters were tantalizingly revealed in an exciting event on Anime-chan ni Kaeru Kuni last October. Embrace the magic and get ready to be enchanted by the enchanting world of these captivating mushroom-inspired creatures!