Mugen no Ryvius Songs Lyrics

Infinite Ryvius | 無限のリヴァイアス
Mugen no Ryvius Songs Lyrics


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Mugen no Ryvius Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Mugen no Ryvius

Also Called:Infinite Ryvius | 無限のリヴァイアス


Released on year:2021

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:7


In the year AD 2225, a captivating tale unfolds in the vast expanse of space. Enter Kouji Aiba and Aoi Housen, both honing their astronaut skills in the prestigious Liebe Delta, perched on the edge of the enigmatic Geduld Sea. Little do they know, their idyllic training is about to take an adrenaline-fueled twist. As they embark on a routine dive procedure, an unexpected ambush strikes, perpetrated by nefarious saboteurs with unfathomable motives. The consequence? Liebe Delta hurtles into a treacherous plasma field known as Geduld - a nerve-like network binding the planets. Watched helplessly, the young astronauts face a perilous expedition home, their teamwork strained to the limit by mounting tensions amongst themselves. While our brave astronauts grapple with their harrowing journey, the orchestrators of this sinister sabotage lay in wait, their malevolent plan ready to strike once more. Will our heroes overcome these treacherous odds and unravel the secrets that lie hidden in space, or will they succumb to the ever-increasing danger that lurks in the shadows? Prepare to be captivated as this riveting saga propels you into an intergalactic adventure, where survival, betrayal, and the pursuit of truth intertwine in the boundless cosmic abyss. Get ready to experience a narrative that will leave you breathless, as the stars bear witness to a battle for survival like none other.


The remarkable series emerged victorious in the prestigious 5th Animation Kobe Awards held in 2000, securing the esteemed Television Award.