Mulan: Heng Kong Chu Shi Songs Lyrics

Kung Fu Mulan | 木兰:横空出世
Mulan: Heng Kong Chu Shi Songs Lyrics


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Mulan: Heng Kong Chu Shi Songs

Anime Information

Title:Mulan: Heng Kong Chu Shi

Also Called:Kung Fu Mulan | 木兰:横空出世


Released on year:2020

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:24


Mulan, a courageous and spirited individual, goes against the norms of society by donning the attire of a man and joining the ranks of her father in the army. Her exceptional swordsmanship skills and burning desire to explore beyond the confines of her daily life make her an exceptional force to be reckoned with. However, fate has something far grander in store for her. As she embarks on a seemingly routine mission, the twists and turns of her journey unearth a devious plot conspiring against her beloved country. Through this gripping adventure, Mulan not only uncovers the perils lurking in the shadows but also grasps the true essence of a formidable warrior. She becomes an emblem of heroism, not only saving her nation but also embracing her true identity. In this reimagined tale, Mulan's inspiring quest transcends the boundaries of tradition and delves into an enthralling realm of self-discovery, imparting valuable lessons that resonate profoundly with audiences.