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Murder Princess Lyrics
Title: Murder Princess
Released on year:2007
Num Episodes:6


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A coup d'etat occurs in the Kingdom of Forland which leads to the King's death. The King sends his second child, Princess Alita Forland, out to escape in the last moments of his life. Unfortunately, a life and death situation between Alita and the bloodthirsty bounty hunter Falis is forcing the two of them to swap bodies as they are escaping. Desperate for her Kingdom's protection, Alita begs Falis to go back and defend the Land, offering herself as collateral. Following a swift beat on the rebel forces, Falis resumes the role of Princess of Forland, leading to the birth of the "Murder Queen," the wildest queen in their land.


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Murder Princess ( ćƒžćƒ¼ćƒ€ćƒ¼Ā·ćƒ—ćƒŖćƒ³ć‚»ć‚¹, Mādā Purinsesu ) is a Japanese manga series written by Sekihiko Inui and illustrated. Marvelous Entertainment later created an anime OVA series based on manga, and animated by Bee Train. The anime was published by ADV Films, but transferred to Funimation in 2008.

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