Murder Princess Songs Lyrics

Murder Princess Songs Lyrics


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Murder Princess Songs
Murder Princess Ending Lyrics Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Murder Princess


Released on year:2002

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:38


In the wake of a treacherous coup orchestrated by the cunning court scientist, Dr. Akamashi, tragedy befalls the kingdom as the beloved king meets an untimely demise. In a desperate bid for survival, Princess Alita Castilia Arago Forland finds herself forced to flee the capital, her heart heavy with sorrow and uncertainty. Amidst the chaos and danger, destiny intertwines the fates of two formidable women. A collision, as unexpected as it is fateful, occurs between Princess Alita and the formidable bounty hunter, Falis. What follows is a truly extraordinary turn of events: a bewildering exchange of bodies that thrusts Alita and Falis into a world of unimaginable intrigue and peril. Harnessing the immense power of her original form, Alita boldly beseeches Falis, along with her loyal allies, Dominikov and Pete, to join forces in a daring mission to reclaim the throne from the clutches of the villainous Dr. Akamashi. Under the guise of the true princess, they venture forth, but their path is fraught with unforeseen challenges and deadly adversaries. As the stakes grow higher, Alita must navigate the treacherous realm of politics and deception, all the while ensuring that their noble cause does not descend into scandal and chaos. Yet, the most daunting quest lies in finding a way to reverse the peculiar body-switch and restore their rightful identities. In this captivating journey teeming with suspense, can Alita and Falis triumph against the forces that seek to tear the kingdom apart? Only time will unveil the answers as they strive to reclaim their bodies and restore harmony to the realm.