Mushikaburi-hime Songs Lyrics

Princess of the Bibliophile. | 虫かぶり姫
Mushikaburi-hime Songs Lyrics


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Mushikaburi-hime Songs
Mushikaburi-hime Opening Lyrics Princess of the Bibliophile. | 虫かぶり姫 Opening Lyrics
Mushikaburi-hime Ending Lyrics Princess of the Bibliophile. | 虫かぶり姫 Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Princess of the Bibliophile. | 虫かぶり姫


Released in:Fall


Throughout countless generations, the esteemed Bernstein lineage has been revered as a household of distinguished nobles with an unwavering affinity for the written word. Among their ranks stands Elianna Bernstein, a shining exemplar bearing the illustrious title of the Bibliophile Princess. In a fateful twist, Elianna found herself engaged to the erudite Crown Prince, Christopher Selkirk Asherald, four years past. The allure of this arrangement lay not in the throes of romance, but rather in the tantalizing promise of the continued freedom to immerse herself in her cherished pastime: literary exploration. Such an extraordinary proposition stirred within her an insatiable desire, for it presented an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the bountiful archives of the royal domain, housing a myriad of literary masterpieces. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Elianna clung steadfastly to the conviction that her engagement transcended the realm of love. However, a captivating turn of events finds our tumultuous duo opening a brand-new chapter in their complex relationship. As the pages of time unfold, so too do their hearts, discovering a profound understanding through which their truest emotions begin to blossom.


The mesmerizing journey of Mushikaburi-hime awaits you on the Blu-ray and DVD format, divided into three captivating volumes released between January 25, 2023, and March 24, 2023. Immerse yourself in this enchanting tale of wonder and mystery as you embark on an extraordinary adventure with this beautifully crafted anime series. So, get ready to witness an unforgettable experience, as Mushikaburi-hime unfolds its captivating narrative right before your eyes. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into this spellbinding world of anime magic!