My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun Songs Lyrics

Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun
My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun Songs Lyrics


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My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun Songs
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Anime Information

Title:My Heartfelt Sympathy, Ninomiya-kun

Also Called:Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun


Released on year:2003

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:14


Shungo Ninomiya, an unassuming high school student residing with his older sister Ryoko, leads a life of mundane routine. Little does he know that his existence is about to take a sharp turn when a striking girl named Mayu Tsukimura descends upon his school campus in an impressive military-grade helicopter. The reason behind this unexpected arrival? Ryoko has enlisted Mayu, along with her older brother Mikihiro, to take up residence in the Ninomiya household. But here's the twist: Mayu and Mikihiro are not your typical siblings. Mayu herself is a captivating succubus, whereas her brother is an incubus. As if this revelation wasn't challenging enough, Mayu also suffers from androphobia, an intense fear of men. It becomes Shungo's mission, at the insistence of his sister, to help Mayu conquer her fear. To achieve this, Ryoko devises rather unconventional methods, such as insisting upon shared beds and joint bathing sessions. As if matters weren't chaotic enough, the scenario takes another twist when the esteemed student council president, Reika Houjou, enters the picture as the newest maid in the Ninomiya household. Determined to obstruct Shungo and Mayu's intimate training, Reika goes to great lengths to disrupt their progress. The sudden influx of these unusual characters sets the stage for Shungo's once-ordinary life to be thrown into utter disarray. Prepare for a thrilling journey filled with suspense and unexpected turns!