My Neighbor Totoro Songs Lyrics

Tonari no Totoro | My Neighbour Totoro | となりのトトロ
My Neighbor Totoro Songs Lyrics


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My Neighbor Totoro Songs
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Anime Information

Title:My Neighbor Totoro

Also Called:Tonari no Totoro | My Neighbour Totoro | となりのトトロ


Released on year:2018

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the enchanting backdrop of 1950s Japan, Tatsuo Kusakabe makes a life-altering decision to relocate his family to the peaceful countryside. With his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei, by his side, they embark on a journey to draw closer to their ailing mother, confined to a hospital bed. Little do they know, this new chapter in their lives will unravel a captivating tale of wonder and discovery. Immersed in the rhythms of rural living, the young and spirited Mei stumbles upon a mysterious creature resembling a bunny in their verdant yard. Fuelled by curiosity, she chases this adorable creature into the unexplored depths of the surrounding forest, where a breathtaking encounter awaits her. There, amidst the ancient trees and whispering leaves, she encounters the legendary and awe-inspiring Totoro – a majestic forest spirit beyond imagination. Instantly forging an indelible bond with this mythical being, Mei's world morphs into a kaleidoscope of magic and endless possibilities. But Mei isn't alone in experiencing the wonders Totoro bestows. Satsuki, the thoughtful and resilient older sister, is soon introduced to this extraordinary creature as well, leading them both into a realm of spellbinding adventures. Together, they navigate the ethereal nexus of nature and are marvelously introduced to a host of otherworldly, woodland residents. As each day unfolds, Satsuki and Mei's lives are immersed in a symphony of mystical escapades, as the captivating wonders of Totoro and the mesmerizing creatures of the woods envelop them. It is a tale that will captivate hearts with its ethereal charms, conjuring a rich tapestry of fantasy and enchantment beyond imagination.


Tonari no Totoro emerged triumphant in the notable year of 1988, scooping up prestigious accolades including the Best Film and Ofuji Noburo awards at the esteemed Mainichi Film Awards. This heartwarming masterpiece also secured the distinguished Special Award at the 31st Blue Ribbon Awards, while triumphantly clinching the coveted Grand Prix in the renowned Animage Anime Awards. Adding to its resplendent crown of achievements, Tonari no Totoro also claimed the titles of Best Film and Reader's Choice Award: Best Japanese Film at the esteemed Kinema Junpo Awards.