Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 Songs Lyrics

Japan Sinks 2020 | 日本沈没2020
Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 Songs Lyrics


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Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Nihon Chinbotsu 2020

Also Called:Japan Sinks 2020 | 日本沈没2020


Released on year:2016

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:32


In the realm of serenity, the Mutou family thrives in their harmonious existence: Kouichirou diligently toils away at a construction site while his beloved wife, Mari, returns from an enriching sojourn abroad. Ayumu, their vivacious daughter, completes her vigorous track practice, while Gou, the spirited son, engrosses himself in the captivating world of video games. Alas, destiny has a cruel twist in store, as a cataclysmic earthquake abruptly shatters their idyllic reality, pulverizing the very essence of Japan in an unforgiving instant. In the wake of this unfathomable event, where societal foundations crumble and their beloved nation teeters on the precipice of oblivion, the indomitable Mutou clan must unite in a desperate bid for survival. Braving the perilous aftermath, they not only grapple with the tangible horrors surrounding them, but also confront the profound depths of grief and loss, learning, in the process, the unfathomable weight of such burdens.


Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 is a thrilling original net animation series, captivating viewers with its gripping story. Inspired by Sakyo Komatsu's acclaimed 1973 disaster novel of the identical title, this adaptation brings the apocalyptic tale to life with a formal and sophisticated touch. With a total of ten enthralling episodes, exclusively available on Netflix since July 2020, this mesmerizing series delves deep into the depths of human survival amidst a cataclysmic event.