Non Non Biyori Songs Lyrics

Non Non Biyori Songs Lyrics


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Non Non Biyori Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Non Non Biyori

Also Called:のんのんびより


Released on year:2015

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


Hotaru Ichijou undergoes a complete transformation in the realm of lifestyle as she bids farewell to the bustling city of Tokyo and embarks on a new adventure with her family in the serene and secluded village of Asahigaoka. Unveiling a unique academic setting, Hotaru finds herself amidst a mere five fellow students, defying conventional grade-level boundaries as they unite under one roof in a single classroom. The absence of convenience stores in this idyllic locale and the infrequent arrival of buses, spanning up to two hours, further magnify the distinctness of their rustic environment. Surprisingly, the captivating allure of the countryside captivates Hotaru, largely attributed to the fascinating quartet of schoolmates she encounters. Bound by an indelible friendship, these peers bring an incomparable vibrancy to Hotaru's life. Amongst them, Renge Miyauchi, a remarkably sharp-witted first-grader, stands out, showcasing maturity beyond her tender age. Equally enthralling are the counterparts, the Koshigaya siblings: the tranquil elder brother Suguru, the dainty Komari, and mischievous youngest sister Natsumi. With the inclusion of a city dweller in their cheerful circle, the unremarkable days in Asahigaoka suddenly assume a remarkable hue. Hotaru, armed with a wealth of firsthand experiences from the outside world, breathes new life into the well-worn routine. Through her fresh perspective, a brilliant transformation cascades upon their existence, embracing the winds of change that gracefully dance through their tranquil village.


The highly anticipated premiere of Episode 1 sent waves of excitement through the anime community. Tokyo was abuzz with fans eagerly flocking to a special screening on September 1, 2013. And when Regular broadcasting finally commenced on October 8, 2013, viewers all over were treated to the delightful world of Non Non Biyori. The anime quickly garnered recognition and admiration, capturing the hearts of fans and critics alike. It claimed the coveted first place in the prestigious 2013 Fall Anime Satisfaction Ranking, conducted by none other than the esteemed Akiba Research Institute. It didn't stop there, as Non Non Biyori successfully secured the third spot in the fiercely competitive men's division of the Anime!Anime! survey, titled "What Fall 2013 Anime Are You Watching?" Clearly, the show left a lasting impression on its audience. One particular catchphrase from the series gained massive popularity - Renge Miyauchi's endearing greeting: "Nyanpasu!" It resonated so deeply with fans that it soared to new heights by winning the grand prize at the highly acclaimed 2013 Anime Buzzword Awards. No doubt, the enchanting charm of Non Non Biyori was impossible to resist. For those longing to relive the whimsical world of Non Non Biyori, the wait was finally over. Sentai Filmworks released the complete series on Blu-ray and DVD on January 6, 2015, enabling fans to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty and heartwarming moments of this unforgettable anime adventure.