Inzai Aruaru Songs Lyrics

Inzai Aruaru Songs Lyrics


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Inzai Aruaru Songs

Anime Information

Title:Inzai Aruaru

Also Called:印西あるある



Upon their triumphant return to Konohagakure, the spirited young ninjas revel in their victory over a supposed faction of Akatsuki members. However, a sense of yearning gnaws at Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. Naruto, envious of his comrades' families showering them with praises, craves the tender presence of his long-lost parents. Meanwhile, Sakura seethes with frustration towards her parents' embarrassing ways, longing for a life free from the familial spotlight. As their conflicting desires collide, destiny intervenes, thrusting them into an extraordinary realm crafted by the enigmatic Madara Uchiha. Immersed within this parallel universe, Sakura is astounded to find her parents sanctified as revered heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard Konohagakure from the devastating Nine-Tailed Fox onslaught a decade ago. Notably, Naruto's parents, the esteemed Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, thrive in this alternate reality, radiating vitality and warmth. Bereft of a way to return home or trace the enigmatic Madara, Naruto and Sakura make themselves at home in this captivating new world, relishing the long-awaited changes they always yearned for. Their contentment, however, is abruptly shattered as an unforeseen menace looms, coercing our valiant duo to rise to the occasion, not only to protect the very fabric of Konohagakure in this parallel existence but also to unearth a pathway back to their own reality.