Okashi na Tensei Songs Lyrics

Sweet Reincarnation | おかしな転生
Okashi na Tensei Songs Lyrics


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Okashi na Tensei Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Okashi na Tensei

Also Called:Sweet Reincarnation | おかしな転生


Released in:Summer


In the realm of culinary arts, a formidable genius patissier met an untimely demise just before attaining his grand vision of crafting the most extraordinary confections known to mankind. But fate had another plan in store for him. Reborn as the youthful and precocious Pastry Mille, affectionately known as "Pas" Morteln, our protagonist embarks on a delightful journey shrouded in enchantment and wonder. Transported to a medieval world imbued with swords, sorcery, and captivating mysteries, Pas finds solace in the serene embrace of the Fief of Morteln, under the guidance of his valiant and illustrious father, Lord Casserole. Amidst the tranquility, a lingering scarcity of essential ingredients forces Pas to envision the art of baking as merely a figment of his childhood dreams, shrouded in captivating longing. But destiny beckons, dear readers, as news of a menacing bandit troupe encroaches upon their idyllic realm. It is here that Pas must uncover the secrets of magic, immersing himself in the arduous path of combat, with an unwavering determination to safeguard his cherished land. For every extraordinary morsel he hopes to create, Pas must rise above adversity, all shaping the foundation of his glorious ambition—a confectionery paradise like no other. Delve into this captivating tale of resilience, magic, and the palpable sweetness that emerges when dreams transform into reality. Join Pas as he embarks on an exhilarating odyssey to conquer both culinary masterpieces and formidable adversaries, one delectable creation at a time.