Onipan! Songs Lyrics

Onipan! Songs Lyrics


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Onipan! Songs
Onipan! Opening Lyrics おにぱん! Opening Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:おにぱん!


Released in:Spring


Meet three extraordinary oni-kids who wield the mighty power of the onipan, a fusion of the fearsome 'oni' spirit and the delicate 'pantsu'. United by a noble mission, they transcend their oni nature and assume human form, determined to bridge the gap between humans and their mystical counterparts. In their pursuit of harmony, these remarkable girls enroll in a prestigious Tokyo high school, embarking on a remarkable endeavor to revitalize the community and reshape their own perceptions. From tackling school events with gusto to venturing into the exhilarating realm of idolhood, they fearlessly navigate new challenges in their quest for acceptance and camaraderie. Brace yourself for a captivating journey infused with enchanting folklore and the indomitable spirit of the oni realm!