Orient Songs Lyrics

Orient Songs Lyrics


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Orient Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:オリエント


Released in:Winter


In a land liberated from the clutches of samurai rule 150 years ago, the peaceful inhabitants of Hinomoto lead tranquil lives, devotedly revering their liberators. These liberators, enigmatic creatures known as demons, remain shrouded in mystery, their true forms elusive. Unbeknownst to most, humanity finds itself enslaved by these otherworldly entities, with only the samurai warriors standing tall as the last bastions of freedom. Amidst this intricate web of subjugation, Musashi, an individual burdened by the profound realization of the grim truth, toils away tirelessly in the treacherous domain of rock mining. Braving tremendous adversity, Musashi endures the heartbreaking reality that humanity is nothing more than a mere resource for the insatiable appetites of demons. Yet, he skillfully conceals his true sentiments from those around him, growing ever distant from his dear childhood friend, Kojirou Kanemaki, in the process. However, everything changes when Musashi and his fellow graduates arrive at the foreboding mine. Witnessing the woeful plight of the miners and the eerie countenances of their overlords, they stand aghast at the inhumane treatment imposed upon their brethren. In the face of this grotesque oppression, Musashi perseveres, his spirit bolstered by the unwavering support of Kojirou. Yet, it is an encounter with the formidable Takeda samurai clan that rescues Musashi from the clutches of certain demise, granting him a newfound lease on life. Reawakening from the depths of humiliation and yearning for a life filled with adventure, Musashi sets forth on an extraordinary journey to become a samurai of unparalleled prowess. Driven by a burning desire to forge his own clan, his spirit brims with untamed determination. Bound by honor and armed with unwavering resolve, he treads the path of destiny, prepared to confront all obstacles that dare cross his righteous path.


The highly anticipated anime series, Orient, has recently hit the shelves in Japan, gracing fans with its captivating storyline. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of action and adventure as you follow the thrilling journey of Orient's protagonists. Released in Japan across three volumes from March 25, 2022, to May 27, 2022, this remarkable series is now available on Blu-ray. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of this epic anime and experience the magic of Orient in the comfort of your own home.