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Otaku no Video Lyrics
Title: Otaku no Video
Released on year:1991
Num Episodes:2


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Something based on the actual story of how Gainax was created, Otaku no Video discusses all facets of a lifestyle that is otaku. Ken Kubo is a young man who lives an ordinary life, before he is pulled into an otaku community. Slowly, he becomes more like them before he decides to give up his former life in order to become the otaku king.

Live-action interviews with actual otaku are mixed in and discuss every aspect of hardcore otaku life. This includes not just anime and manga fans but also sci-fi enthusiasts, military enthusiasts and other Japanese geeks categories.


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About Otaku no Video

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Otaku no Video ( おたくのビデオ, Otaku no Bideo, lit. "Otakus' Video" ) is a 1991 anime that spoofed the life and culture of otaku, people with obsessive media interests, especially anime and manga, as well as the history of Gainax, its creators. It is noted for its mix of conventional styles of documentary film ( with actual film, no less ), with a more traditional storytelling anime fashion. In the United States it is licensed by AnimEigo. This OVA also features the DAICON III and IV Opening Animations from the early 80's.

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