Overtake! Songs Lyrics

Overtake! Songs Lyrics


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Overtake! Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:オーバーテイク!


Released on year:2023

Released in:Fall


Renowned freelance photographer, Kouya Madoka, finds himself trapped in the clutches of a creative rut, His artistic fire slowly fading away. Fate intervenes when he crosses paths with the enigmatic Haruka Asahina, a veritable prodigy on the F4 racing scene. In a moment that defies explanation, Madoka's pulse quickens, his passion reignited. Driven by a newfound purpose, Madoka resolves to throw his unwavering support behind Asahina, joining forces with the underdog team of Komaki Motors. Despite their contrasting personas and divergent life stages, the lives of Madoka and Asahina become inextricably intertwined. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as these two souls collide, united by unwavering determination and an unyielding pursuit of their dreams.