Paripi Koumei Songs Lyrics

Ya Boy Kongming! | パリピ孔明
Paripi Koumei Songs Lyrics


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Paripi Koumei Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Paripi Koumei

Also Called:Ya Boy Kongming! | パリピ孔明


Released on year:2022

Released in:Spring


Renowned for his unparalleled strategic prowess during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China, the legendary Zhuge Kongming left an indelible mark on the annals of history. Relentlessly leading his forces to victory after victory, Kongming's illustrious career came to an abrupt halt on the Battle of Wuzhang Plains when he succumbed to a grave illness. Cloaked in weariness and burdened by the ceaseless turmoil of perpetual warfare, Kongming drew his final breath with a fervent wish: to be reborn into a more serene and tranquil era. As fate would have it, Kongming's desire manifests itself, propelling him into the bustling metropolis of modern Tokyo. Enveloped in the youthful embrace of a rejuvenated body and armed with an extensive reservoir of memories, he embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery. Amidst the luminous chaos of city lights, it is within the confines of a vibrant nightclub that Kongming encounters the talented Eiko Tsukimi, a rising starlet whose awe-inspiring vocal performances bewitch all who have the privilege of listening. Drawn to her enigmatic charm, Kongming resolves to guide her towards her destined musical greatness, shouldering the mantle of her devoted manager. However, the world of contemporary music is a tumultuous realm, offering no solace to the faint of heart. Undeterred by the unforgiving nature of the industry, Kongming doggedly pursues his ambitions, leveraging the tactical genius that once governed his battlefield triumphs. With steely determination and an unwavering resolve, he endeavors to surmount every obstacle, defying the odds to conquer new musical heights and propel Eiko into the radiant spotlight she undeniably merits. A symphony of courage and audacity intertwines as this extraordinary figure from the annals of history marches resolutely into the realm of contemporary music, harmonizing ancient wisdom with the pulsating vibrancy of the modern world. Behold as the timeless echoes of Kongming's past meld seamlessly with the pulsating rhythm of the present, forging an unforgettable symphony that shall resound throughout eternity!