Platinum End Songs Lyrics

Platinum End Songs Lyrics


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Platinum End Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Platinum End

Also Called:プラチナエンド


Released on year:2000

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:24


In the aftermath of a devastating explosion that robbed him of his entire family, Mirai Kakehashi has endured a life saturated with anguish and despair. Tormented by his callous relatives, day after day, he has tasted the bitter sting of abuse. Gradually, his spirit has waned, his will to carry on eroded. Pushed to the precipice of despair, he contemplates ending his tortured existence. But fate has other plans for him. In a surreal twist of destiny, as Mirai stands at the edge, ready to embrace oblivion, he is transported to a world where he encounters a celestial being known as Nasse—a majestic winged guardian angel. This enigmatic entity offers him an extraordinary proposition, endowing him with not one, but two incredible abilities—gifts that could reshape his destiny and grant him the chance to reclaim his shattered life. Empowered by the remarkable phenomena he experiences, Mirai is tantalized by the long-lost taste of freedom he finds at his fingertips. However, his newfound liberation is swiftly disrupted as he is thrust into a captivating contest involving twelve others, all vying for the prestigious title of God's chosen successor. No longer resigned to surrender, Mirai embraces a newfound determination to safeguard his slender grasp on happiness, prepared to defy all odds and protect his chance at redemption from being mercilessly stolen away.