Pluto Songs Lyrics

Pluto Songs Lyrics


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Pluto Songs

Anime Information


Also Called:プルートウ


Released on year:2023

Num Episodes:8


Renowned for his valorous service during the 39th Asian War, the illustrious Swiss automaton, Montblanc, met a violent and tragic demise. The heartrending loss of this esteemed figure has left both humans and robots across the globe submerged in sorrow. Montblanc's charm and influence grew exponentially in the years that followed the war, owing to his unwavering dedication to environmental preservation and his gentle disposition. Enter Gesicht, a distinguished war veteran and a robotic sleuth in the employ of Europol, tasked with delving into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Montblanc's untimely demise. In the course of his relentless pursuit of the truth, Gesicht stumbles upon clues that point to the existence of a clandestine entity, concealed behind the mysterious moniker of "Pluto". Furthermore, he discovers an alarming conspiracy designed to dismantle the remaining eight extraordinary robots who had once fought valiantly in the war. Dashing against the relentless ticking of the clock, Gesicht—haunted by uncertainty, ethical dilemmas, and a world replete with animosity—struggles resolutely to safeguard the delicate harmony between man and machine, and to preserve those robotic brethren who still endure.