Pokemon (2019) Songs Lyrics

Pocket Monster (2019) | ポケモン (2019)
Pokemon (2019) Songs Lyrics


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Pokemon (2019) Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Pokemon (2019)

Also Called:Pocket Monster (2019) | ポケモン (2019)


Released on year:2019

Released in:Fall


In the vibrant Kanto region, a brand new day unfolds, marking an exciting invitation for Satoshi. The revered Professor Yukinari Ookido extends a special invitation to Satoshi, beckoning him to witness the auspicious inauguration of Professor Sakuragi's groundbreaking laboratory in Vermillion City. Amidst the momentous ceremony, an unexpected alert reverberates through the air, whispering of a rare and enigmatic Pokémon sighting in the bustling harbor of Vermillion City. Brimming with anticipation, Satoshi and his fellow trainers hastily converge upon the scene, fervently yearning to lay their eyes upon this elusive creature. The harbor bustles with trainers engaged in a heated battle, endeavoring to subdue the formidable Lugia—a true legend among Pokémon. Astutely observing his counterparts' strategic maneuvers, Satoshi devises a plan, summoning his trusted companion Pikachu to unleash an electrifying Thunderbolt assault upon Lugia. Astonishingly, the mighty Pokémon remains unfazed, its indomitable spirit unyielding. Enigmatic and enigmatic, Lugia takes flight, but not before Satoshi's unyielding determination propels him onto the bewitching creature's majestic back. Much to his surprise, Satoshi's audacious leap is mirrored by a fellow youth named Gou, who unexpectedly finds himself soaring through the skies alongside Satoshi atop Lugia's ethereal wings. Together, Satoshi and Gou embark on an extraordinary odyssey, traversing uncharted waters and encountering the extraordinary. Marveling in the awe-inspiring splendor of their surroundings, they ride upon Lugia's stalwart back, blissfully careening through a realm of unimaginable wonders. Reluctantly, the magnificent Lugia bids the duo farewell, gracefully returning them to the terra firma. This extraordinary encounter leaves an indelible impression upon Satoshi and Gou, leaving them eager for more exhilarating adventures that lie ahead. Impressed not only by Gou's remarkable findings but also by Satoshi's profound understanding of their newfound Pokémon ally, Professor Sakuragi extends an exciting proposal. He bestows upon the intrepid duo the esteemed title of his research partners, embarking upon an extraordinary journey across diverse and captivating regions, where they will encounter an array of magnificent Pokémon—some even possessing the awe-inspiring Gigantamax ability. Thus, the curtain lifts on a grand odyssey, where Satoshi and Gou venture forth as intrepid explorers, charting a course through uncharted territories in pursuit of the extraordinary. Brace yourselves, for a magnificent tale awaits—one brimming with unparalleled adventure and magical encounters with the captivating world of Pokémon.


The captivating anime series graced our screens every Sunday at 6:00 PM from November 17, 2019 to September 27, 2020. However, we have exciting news to share! Starting from October 9, 2020, we are switching things up and moving our airing time to Fridays at 6:55 PM. Get ready to dive into this fantastic journey with us once again!