Pokemon XY&Z Songs Lyrics

Pokémon XYZ | ポケットモンスターXY&Z
Pokemon XY&Z Songs Lyrics


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Pokemon XY&Z Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Pokemon XY&Z

Also Called:Pokémon XYZ | ポケットモンスターXY&Z


Released on year:2013

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:93


In the vibrant and mystical land of Kalos, Satoshi and his ever-loyal companion Pikachu venture into the enchanting city of Miare. Their mission: to capture extraordinary Pokémon and take one step closer to their ultimate goal of becoming the unrivaled champions. But little do they know, fate has much more in store for them. Within the bustling streets of Miare, Satoshi crosses paths with the brilliant inventor Citron and his spirited sibling Eureka. Sparks fly as a captivating battle unfolds between our heroes, but their encounter takes an unexpected turn. The notorious Team Rocket, who have relentlessly pursued Satoshi into Kalos, unleash chaos as a mighty Gaburias wreaks havoc upon the unsuspecting city. Meanwhile, in the serene town of Asame, Serena—a determined young girl—finds herself trapped in a monotonous routine of tirelessly practicing Sihorn riding, per her mother's racing aspirations. As fate intertwines their stories, Serena catches a glimpse of Satoshi on her television screen, evoking a flood of childhood memories. Driven by her longing to reconnect with this familiar face, Serena embarks on a daring journey to Miare City, determined to reunite with the boy who left an indelible mark on her heart. Thus, Pokémon XY unfurls as our valiant group traverses the captivating landscapes of Kalos, each with their own unique aspirations. Satoshi seeks to conquer Pokémon gyms, Citron yearns to learn from Satoshi's boundless wisdom, and Serena embarks on a soul-searching quest to discover her true calling. Along their awe-inspiring odyssey, they forge new alliances, face formidable rivals, and tirelessly thwart Team Rocket's nefarious machinations. All the while, the enigmatic world of mega evolution gradually unveils its intriguing secrets, captivating our heroes every step of the way.