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Title: Popotan
Released on year:2018
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:12

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Hisone Amakasu joins the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and is stationed at Gifu Airbase in search of meaning in her life. She discovers the JASDF's biggest secret during a visit to a part of the base she didn't know existed: the Organic Transformed Flyer (OTF), a dragon that can disguise itself as an aircraft. Her commanding officers inform her that she has been chosen to be the next in a long line of Dragon Pilots after she has been swallowed and spit out by the OTF.
Hisone must overcome her insecurities with the help of her fellow pilot cadets and "Maso-tan," her own OTF, in order to unlock the secrets of the OTFs and discover her true potential as a Dragon Pilot.


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Popotan (Japanese: ) is a Japanese adult visual novel created by Petit Ferret under the alias Poyoyon Rock, with character designs by Akio Watanabe. It was first released on CD-ROM for the PC on December 13, 2002, and was later re-released on DVD-ROM and for the PlayStation 2 with some scenes cut out. Popotan is a nonsensical word that refers to the prevalence of dandelions, which are spelled tanpopo () in Japanese;[n 1] Shortly before the DVD-ROM re-release, Petite Ferret released a fan disc. Popotan has been adapted into a novel series (Popotan Himitsu no Jumon Khen) by Sassami Yachiruda, a manga series by Yjiro Izumi, a twelve-episode anime television series directed by Shinichiro Kimura, animated by Shaft, and licensed in North America by Geneon USA and later, Sentai Filmworks; a radio drama (Poporaji); and several art and reference books.

The plot of Popotan is semi-predetermined; major events remain constant, but personal storylines can diverge depending on the player's choices. The protagonist, Chris, is a drifter who meets three girls and their maid in a mansion near Tokyo's ruins in the distant future. The player's goal is to make available sexual scenes and images of the protagonist having sexual intercourse with one of the girls, which the player can view or replay at any time. Once the player has completed one of the sisters' storylines, they can pursue other girls.
When the opening was set to sped-up music by the Swedish band Caramell, the visual novel and its fan disc made the top 50 list of bestselling bishjo games in Japan multiple times, and it spawned the Internet meme "Caramelldansen.

" The anime's reception has been mixed, with critics of the first volume praising the story's unexpected depth while those who reviewed the series as a whole have tended to give overall more positive reviews, praising the anime's sexual themes, especially with regard to 11-year-old Mii..

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