Porco Rosso Songs Lyrics

Crimson Pig | The Scarlet Pig | 紅の豚
Porco Rosso Songs Lyrics


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Porco Rosso Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Porco Rosso

Also Called:Crimson Pig | The Scarlet Pig | 紅の豚


Released on year:2018

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:12


In the realm of magic and adventure, a fascinating tale unfolds. It begins with the extraordinary transformation of Marco Pagot, a valiant World War I ace, into a peculiar creature—an enigmatic pig. Embracing his new identity, he assumes the remarkable mantle of Porco Rosso, a formidable bounty hunter who patrols the Adriatic Sea, fiercely combating sky pirates that dare to disturb its tranquility. Nestled away on a secluded island, Porco Rosso's days blend seamlessly, punctuated only by the pursuit of bounties or cherished encounters with the captivating songstress, Gina, who owns the renowned Hotel Adriano. However, fate conspirates to challenge Porco Rosso's existence when an audacious young hotshot named Donald Curtis emerges onto the scene. In a reckless display of skill, Donald ruthlessly shoots down our gallant protagonist, boldly declaring triumph over the revered flying pig. Determined not to disappoint Gina and propelled by a burning desire to reclaim his honor, Porco Rosso embarks on a treacherous journey to the esteemed Piccolo S.P.A. airplane company. There, he seeks aid in reviving his fallen aircraft, for which he is compelled to take out a substantial loan. To his astonishment, Porco Rosso discovers that fate has a peculiar sense of humor, as he encounters the brilliant 17-year-old Fio Piccolo, the esteemed chief engineer of Piccolo S.P.A. Driven by unyielding ambition and a burning passion to prove herself, Fio unveils daring improvements to Porco Rosso's fighter plane. With newfound hope coursing through his veins, our indomitable hero gears up for an electrifying clash with the audacious Donald, poised to reclaim the honor that was once stripped away. In this spellbinding saga, where courage meets destiny, prepare to be swept away by a symphony of skyborne battles, unexpected alliances, and the resilience of a hero who defies convention. Porco Rosso's enthralling odyssey sets the stage for a timeless tale that will captivate your imagination and leave you breathless.


The captivating anime film emerged victoriously, securing the prestigious 1992 Mainichi Film Award for its outstanding animation.