Power Dolls Songs Lyrics

Power Dolls Songs Lyrics


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Power Dolls Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Power Dolls


Released on year:2002

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:52


In the distant future of 2535 A.D., a dark chapter of subjugation marked the history of the Omni colony. Oppressed by the iron-fisted policies imposed by the Terran government, the resilient inhabitants rose as one to defy the shackles of planetary tyranny. Undeterred by their lack of military might and specialized weaponry, the Omni rebels ingeniously repurposed the robotic Power Loaders, originally designed for unloading spacecraft, into formidable mechanized tanks. Thus, a new era of warfare was born. At the forefront of this epic struggle for emancipation, a select group of young female pilots answers the call to serve in the eminent Detachment of Limited Line Service. Known only as The Power Dolls, their bravery and skill hold the key to securing the destiny of the Omni world.