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Title: Power Stone
Released on year:1999
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:26


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An ancient legend tells of a magical Powerstone that conferred every desired wish on its owner. Adventurers from across the globe are clashing as they try out this mysterious gem.

POWERSTONE is trying to entertain us with the story behind the game's concept based on the Dreamcast series. The story begins with our hero, Fokker, preparing to become like his mentor, Vargas, a warrior.

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About Power Stone

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Power Stone is a game developed by Capcom in full 3D fighting arena. Power Stone was released initially on the Sega NAOMI hardware and later ported to the Dreamcast. Capcom ported the game and its sequel as Power Stone Collection to the PlayStation Portable in October 2006. A game-based anime TV series aired from April 3 through September 25, 1999.
Ten characters appeared on the original Power Block.

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