Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Songs Lyrics

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Songs Lyrics


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Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future


Released on year:2011

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


Three years have passed since the sensational Prism Queen Cup, and the brilliant Prism Stars—Aira Harune, Rizumu Amamiya, and Mion Takamine—have risen to unprecedented fame. They have mesmerized audiences with their enchanting Prism Shows, casting a captivating spell wherever they grace the stage. But life takes an intriguing turn when an audacious and spirited girl named Mia Ageha emerges, openly declaring her ambition to surpass Aira and claim the title of the ultimate Prism Star. With Mia's tantalizing potential becoming evident, the prestigious Prism Show agency, Pretty Top, extends its invitation to her, alongside three other aspiring talents: Karin Shijimi, Reina Miyama, and Ayami Ooruri. Together, they form the stunning idol group, Prizmmy. However, the path to stardom is riddled with challenges. Mia must confront the reappearance of an old friend, now as a formidable rival, while skillfully navigating the glamorous yet treacherous domain of Prism Shows. Yet, with unwavering determination and an unwavering support system of friends and teammates, Mia ignites a blazing flame within herself, propelling her forward to carve an extraordinary destiny. Prepare to be captivated as Mia and her companions embark on a thrilling journey, filled with mesmerizing performances, unexpected twists, and the kaleidoscope of emotions that exemplify the world of Prism Stars. Experience the exhilaration and grandeur as they set the stage ablaze, leaving an indelible mark on the future of Prism Shows.


The captivating world of the Pretty Rhythm franchise introduces an enchanting cast of fictional characters inspired by the sensational girl group, Prizmmy. In a remarkable move, the renowned arcade game, Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, underwent a captivating transformation in April 2012. With its rebirth as Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, this sensational revamp aligned perfectly with the release of its eponymous animated series. Each captivating episode of this delightful anime masterpiece brought forth an extraordinary surprise, as it included a captivating live-action variety show segment known as "Pretty Rhythm Studio." Showcasing the extraordinarily talented members of Prizmmy, this segment added an extra layer of intrigue and charm to the viewing experience.